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Battery Cleaning
When the top of a battery is “dirty” or looks damp, it is ready for a cleaning. It could be as often as
every two weeks or as infrequent as every six months, depending on the battery’s environment and the care it receives.
powerhouse cleaners
To give a battery a good cleaning, use Powerhouse Cleaner’s 3 Step Process
 (Corrosion Remover, Battery
Cleaner, Rinse).
corrosion remover bottlecorrosion remover in use
Powerhouse’s Corrosion Remover was developed specifically for the removal of heavy

corrosion and acid neutralization. For use, spray onto the corroded areas (will turn a rust looking color)
and let sit for at least 10 minutes.

Battery cleaner bottleBattery cleaner

Powerhouse’s Battery Cleaner is a mixture of 2 parts cleaning detergent to 1 part acid

neutralizer. Powerhouse's Battery Cleaner is OSHA compliant and environmentally safe.
For use,
spray across the entire battery and let sit for at least 10 minutes.

Battery rinse

After the Corrosion Remover and Battery Cleaner have both sat for at least 10 minutes

the battery can now be rinsed. The corrosion and acid should be neutralized and can
be washed down the drain (note if lead pieces from the top of the battery are in the
water they should be disposed of properly.)
During any cleaning, but particularly when using Powerhouse Cleaners, make certain that all vent caps are tightly in place.