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Battery Handling Equipment
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Portable Battery Changing Solutions
battery handling beam

Battery Handling Beam

The battery handling beam offers a heavy duty non-conductive method of lifting batteries. The non-slip hook design fits snug into most battery lifting holes. All MTC handling beams are now equipped with MTC's Posi-Latch Safety Mechanism. Adjustable In 3" Increments.

fork attachment plate

Fork Attachment

21" Wide x 11 1/2" High; Includes (1) 4 ft. Safety Chain & Swivel hook with safety latch used with Battery Handling Beam for battery removal.

attach a puller

Attach-A-Puller Battery Transporter

Turns a pallet jack into a portable battery changer. The ABP is an economical attachment for an electric pallet jack. Powered from the pallet jack battery and limited to the host truck’s height capability, the ABP is a safe, affordable and flexible small fleet battery changer

MTC walk a puller

Walk-A-Puller Battery Changer

The Walk-A-Puller (WBP) is the only full-featured portable battery changer in the industry. The WBP combines its own power and drive unit, carriage assembly and - attachment system to give you a portable, but complete, heavy-duty battery handler. The Walk-A-Puller is recommended for the small fleet with 20 to 40 battery changes per day at a variety of battery compartment heights up to 27". Two WBP models are available to meet virtually any battery handling need.

Overhead Removal Solutions

Gantry Crane system

Hydraulic Traveling Gantry Crane System

The PowerCrane is designed specifically for changing batteries in sit down riders and other types of lift trucks that do not allow for side extraction. The Hydraulic Traveling Gantry Crane (HTG) is the ideal system when battery changing must be done from overhead. The HTG offers six-way motion and can be easily expanded as your lift truck fleet grows. PowerCrane permits the design of an overhead battery changing system that specifically meets your needs.

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